Google Micro Activism App

Google apparently sees the potential of creating a body of micro activists and a wave of micro activism. The company is currently in the process of creating a microactivism app as part of their Google application platform. What exactly this new Google app will do to promote micro activism is anyone’s guess at this point, but the mere fact that a company as big as Google is embracing micro activism is a wonderful testament that micro activism can have a huge impact on activism in general.

The fact that Google is also looking to create a microactivism app can also be interpreted in two different ways. The company has marketed their apps toward business in the past. This includes the well-known suite of apps such as Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs, and Google Talk. Does this mean that Google considers micro activism as a business application, or does this mean that the company will be moving their applications beyond a focus of business to encompass individuals as well?

My guess is that Google, while still promoting how these apps are beneficial to business, sees them mainly as a way for people to better connect to one another and a micro activism app would certainly fit that view of the world. I can’t wait to see what the new Google Microactivism app does, but I am certain than when it does debut, it will lend a huge amount of credibility to the entire notion that people individually doing small things when combined can create great positive change in the world.